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  • Will a fake tan affect my make up?
    Spray tans can be a great way to get that sun-kissed glow, but we suggest sparing your lovely face from the tan. Sometimes, facial spray tans can play tricks on us and turn a little blotchy. But no worries, if you're set on that tan, we've got the magic potion – full-coverage foundation! We'll make sure you're radiant and ready for your big day, no matter what shade you choose!
  • Are you comfortable working with mature skin?
    Yes, indeed! We're like fine wine; we get better with age. Our team has extensive experience in enhancing the natural beauty of mature skin. We've worked with grandmothers, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom – you name it! Age is just a number, and we're here to make you look and feel your absolute best at any stage of life.
  • Do you offer airbrush makeup?
    Yes, we do offer airbrush makeup, but it is exclusively available with the reservation of Gina Marie Hampton-Hughes.
  • Do you offer phone consultations?
    Yes, we offer phone consultations. You have the option for a phone consultation, FaceTime, or a Zoom call.
  • Are you comfortable working all skin tones?
    Yes, all of our team members are highly trained and skilled in working with clients of all skin tones.
  • Do you book large parties?
    Yes, we absolutely love a crowd! Large bridal parties are our playground, and we thrive on the excitement. Our team is not only highly skilled but also masters of efficiency. We're all about making your big day as fun and stress-free as possible. So, bring on the bridal party extravaganza – we've got it covered!
  • Will you provide a schedule for the wedding day?
    Yes. I schedule is provide to the bride and wedding planner as soon as possible for approval
  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Absolutely! We're up for a little adventure. Our team is filled with wanderlust, and we're ready to pack our hair and makeup kits and join you for your destination wedding. You've got the travel bug; we've got the beauty bug – together, we'll make your destination wedding a dream come true!
  • Do you provide lashes?
    You bet! Lashes are our little secret weapon to make your eyes pop and your look dazzle. And guess what? They're included in the service cost!
  • Do I need a trial run? May I have a second trial run?
    Do you need a trial? Well, we say, 'Why not?' We recommend a trial to ensure we hit the bullseye on your perfect look. And here's the fun part – you can even have a second trial if you're feeling extra picky. In fact, we encourage it! Let's make sure you're absolutely thrilled with your look on the big day.
  • Does your team provide just hair or makeup?
    Absolutely! We're like a beauty buffet. You can pick just hair, just makeup, or mix and match as you please.
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