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Beauty For Every Moment

Due to our fully mobile service, some of our quotes are personalized. All clients must fill out our booking form which can be done by pressing "booking form" on our menu or  any of our "book now", or "get started" buttons. Rates are based on the day, time of year, location, how far we will travel, our experience, the products we use, and the event. Fridays and Saturdays are at a premium rate. 

Bridal Services

Beauty That's as Unique as Your Love Story

Your love story is one-of-a-kind. Expressing your love to your partner on your special day is a beautiful journey. At Gina Marie Hair and Makeup, we're here to help you do it through the language of beauty. Our Bridal Services are all about crafting a look that's as unique as your love story, making you feel like the radiant, beautiful bride you've always dreamed of being. From elegant updos to flawless makeup, we're here to ensure that you'll shine as bright as your love on this special day. Ready to discover the magic? Click below to explore our Bridal Packages!

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Pageant Services

Pageant Perfection, Your Crown Awaits

Pageants are all about showcasing your unique style and grace, and at Gina Marie Hair and Makeup, we're here to help you steal the spotlight. Our services are designed to elevate your beauty to pageant royalty levels, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best on the stage. From dazzling makeup to stunning hair, we'll make sure your beauty matches your confidence. We understand that pageants are about more than just appearance; they're about inner strength and personal style. So, let's work together to unveil your full potential and make every moment count. Ready to embark on your pageant journey? Click below to get started.

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Special Event Services

Feel Beautiful, Anytime, Any Event

At Gina Marie Hair and Makeup, we believe that every day is a special event waiting to happen! Whether you're attending a fancy gala, dancing the night away at a friend's wedding, or simply celebrating life's little moments, we've got you covered! We're all about turning any occasion into a chance to shine, feel confident, and radiate beauty. With our expert team, you're just one click away from making every event extra special. Ready to dazzle and celebrate? Click below to get started.

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Special Events


Picture-Perfect Moments Start with Us

Picture-perfect moments are just a brushstroke away. At Gina Marie Hair and Makeup, we're the secret behind those stunning portraits and picture-perfect photographs. Our expert team specializes in creating the ideal look for your photography session, making you shine in every frame. Whether it's a professional headshot, family portrait, or personal photoshoot, our premier hair and makeup team will ensure you shine in every frame. We understand that the camera captures more than just images; it preserves memories and tells stories. With us, every snapshot becomes a work of art, and every portrait tells a story of confidence and beauty. Ready to step in front of the lens looking and feeling your best? 

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